Lead time, of course, is the estimated amount of time it will take from your initial order to completion. I say estimated for a handful of reasons.


Cliff notes version: I don't have employees, Twisted Fab jobs come first, I have a family, I'm human and I want every customer to be thrilled. For the full 4-1-1, please feel free to read on...

1) I am literally a one-woman show. I work with you to create something, I draw it in a CAD program and prepare it to be sent back to the waterjet. I watch it cut to ensure it goes well and then I wash it and do whatever else is necessary to complete the project whether that's sandblasting it, painting it, packaging it, etc. My husband does graciously lend me a hand if I need it when he's not swamped himself which is very rare :)

2) The machine that cuts every piece is an industrial waterjet whose purpose first and foremost is industrial work that comes in to our metal fab shop. Twisted Fab more often than not has a big job going and those things are what support our businesses and our family and a lot of times keep other businesses up and running so naturally those come first. It also requires a lot of maintenance and occasionally has to go down to be taken care of.

3) In addition to TTC, I am also running the business side of Twisted Fab and a part of my father-in-law's industrial machine shop and raising three beautiful children and being a wife.

4) I complete orders in the order they are placed. Custom signage and large or complicated orders, of course, take up more time than smaller ones. Every design and order deserves my full attention. I absolutely multitask but I do it as orderly as possible so no project is given less than my best.

5) Because this is real life, things don't always go as planned. A part of the waterjet needs to be repaired, a baby gets sick, I get sick, we make plans outside of our busy work life occasionally. I mess something up from time to time or just want to redo something because I want each piece that goes out to be as awesome as possible. Things happen.

I don't want to discourage anyone from choosing me but I do want to be honest about how things work around here. I do my best to keep every customer updated on their project especially if there's some kind of delay for some reason.

I love when customers walk away as new friends!

I know things happen in your life too. If you really need an order rushed, please contact me and let me see if I can get it done for you in your timeline. I'll be honest with you if I can't but I would love to if possible.

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