A Week of Holidays in May

Today is mine and Michael's wedding anniversary; of course, Sunday was Mother's Day and my mother-in-law's birthday and the 13th was our daughter's 3rd birthday! We really packed a lot into one week!

Obviously Tabor was almost born on my MIL's birthday and they could've been birthday buddies! She barely missed it, but May 13th was my grandmother's birthday. We lost her in October of 2014 so since she never even got to meet Tabor it's extra special that they share birthdays. I know it's something my mom particularly loves and probably eases the pain of that day a little for her.

Michael and I have joked about messing up with Tabor's birthday though... Our oldest son was born in June and our second son was born in December, just a few days before Christmas, so both of them are out of school on their days which has saved us from having to send balloons lol! We weren't that lucky with Tabor so in just a couple of short years, we'll have to put ordering balloon delivery on our to-do list!

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