All the New Things!

We have some New Things on the way- a new season, a time change, this new blog and my favorite on the list, new products!

I'm starting a whole new series of pieces that I'm really excited about! I'm going to be creating metal silhouettes of city skylines and outlines of lakes! Hop over to this quick Facebook Live to see the original announcement and debut-

Both will be offered in four standard sizes and lakes will be offered either horizontally or vertically.


Small 24"x12", Medium 30"x15", Large 36"x18" and Extra Large 42"x21"

Skylines sizes are just a teensy bit different-

Small 24"x10", Medium 30"x12", Large 36"x15" and Extra Large 42"x18"

I'm considering some add-on options to make these extra special and unique to YOU. The main goal is to expand out and offer these cool signs to cities throughout the United States. We have some really fantastic skylines that I just can't resist. I chose Dallas to start with because it's one of the closest cities to my hometown. I did a custom Ute Lake sign recently that prompted my desire to design more lakes and I'm actually working on two different lakes for another customer right now.

In addition to this new series, I have some Spring pieces and fresh ideas rolling around in my head. I'm ready for some sunshine, hopeful for some Spring showers and flowers soon, and looking forward to some brand new creations!

See more of my work and check out the creation process on...

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