Closing Gifts

A friend and realtor contacted me a couple of weeks ago about using me to make her clients' gifts for their closings. I feel so honored and thrilled to do it! She sold our first home and helped us find our second so I know how thoughtful and kind she is throughout the process all the way to her closing gifts to celebrate such an exciting milestone.

We're going with these simple and elegant 12" Initial Circles. This idea was originally created as a more affordable alternative to the best selling Family Name Circles for a lady who needed to buy a lot of gifts at Christmastime. I loved them so much that I put them in the shop as a regular product option.

I've already turned out one order of four, taken a second order of four and hear that there's another order coming in the next week or two. It's awesome to me to get to see her success through these orders! She works diligently for each client and deserves the absolute best. I'm so happy to be along for the ride!

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