Design of the Month

I'm putting something new and fun into place!

Each month, I'm going to offer a "Design of the Month!" I'm working up some really fun ideas starting with a sparkly green clover in March for St. Patrick's Day, of course! We're getting this launched a little late but if you're a planner, you can go ahead and get your four-leaf clover to have on hand for next year's decoration! I'm really, reallllllly looking forward to the April/Easter design and then on to fun summertime symbols! To make the designs more special and exclusive, there will be a limited number of each sold.

For added fun and community, I may consider starting a Design of the Month Club on Facebook. My members would get to help me decide on designs, be the first to see what's coming up and most importantly, receive a discount code for each monthly design to say thank you for your membership and help making these fun decisions! I really love bouncing thoughts and ideas off of other people so it would be a great chance for me to expand my community of go-to people and hear fresh opinions. Turns out, not only does it take a village to raise children, it takes a village to run a business as well and I've been blessed with the best of both!

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