Monday Motivation: Make a List

I make a lot of lists. When I have several projects going at once, I put projects that are finished and ready to cut under their material; I put designs I'm still working on under Projects; when a design is finished, if it needs to be painted, it moves to Paint. They get moved around and marked off.

I make lists of things I need to do at work and at home and things I need to remember. It feels really good to mark things out once they're completed! I'm not saying my lists are always organized or neat.... or even that I always know where they are ha! But when I have them in front of me, they're super handy. If I were making a list of the best advice I'd ever received, this would definitely make the cut- do the things you dislike or dread the most first. When those things are out of the way, it makes the rest of your tasks feel easier and less daunting. Hallelujah! Not easy, but worth it!

Anyway, I was listening to a podcast this morning called Monday Morning Pep Talks and she was talking about prioritizing. She was specifically speaking to business owners but it's really a tip anyone could use. I've always made lists and maybe put an asterisk beside something particularly important but it has never occurred to me that sometimes things just need to go on entirely different lists.

I tend to put everything in my life at the same level of priority and feel like everything has to get done RIGHT NOW and that's simply just not the case. The point of her quick little pep talk was that there are things on our to do lists that truly have to be done in order for certain aspects of business or life in general to keep moving and hopefully moving smoothly, but there are also things on our lists that can wait. They're not absolute musts and really shouldn't be treated as such. This podcast just really spoke to me this morning and I thought it might be something someone else needed to hear as well!

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