The Face Behind the Metal: My FB Story

Hey! My name is Jennifer Keisling and I am the face behind all of this metal!

That Twisted Chick is a spin-off of my husband, Michael’s, metal fab & off-road shop, Twisted Fabrications, Inc. TTC was originally formed simply to fulfill a need that wasn’t feasible for Twisted Fab to meet but was often requested- custom metal design. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with designing and working with customers! What started out as something to pass time and fill a gap has become a really exciting, growing business. It is continually evolving and expanding into a journey I didn’t expect but am thrilled to be on!

Together, Michael and I are doing married life, raising three beautiful, brilliant children, running multiple businesses and growing an up-and-coming off-road race team; we are honored to be part of some amazing ministries through our home church. Our boys are on the local swim team, play baseball and, of course, have school events so we’re chasing them all over the place. Our youngest is our only daughter so we’re learning how to parent all over again because everything we thought we knew was wrong... There’s a lot going on!

In my “spare time,” I want to watch all the shows, read all the books, listen to all the podcasts, build a really thorough family tree with all the ancestors, eat all the snacks, hang out here with you guys!

I have a calling to be genuine and honest on social media so I’m here sharing bits and pieces of my real life with all of you and I LOVE getting to know my customers and followers so I’m thrilled that you’re here!

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