The Grace of God

Y’all listen... today has just been one of those days that was filled with God’s amazing grace! It was one of those days that I felt and saw Him in everything.

This morning I made a quick stop at a convenience store and as soon as I opened my door, there was a penny on heads laying right there on the ground (hang with me.. this isn’t going to get weird) I picked it up and went in, got what I was there for and went to pay. I had $5 and that penny in my hand and the total was $4.31. I know that sounds super insignificant but I really love even amounts of change!

The rest of the day just went so unbelievably, indescribably well and a good day was so needed. Life is hard y’all! There are times I get stuck in a rut that turns into a valley and it’s hard to climb out. I’m not superstitious but I absolutely, 100%, without a doubt believe that God uses what we have on Earth, even silly things like lucky pennies, to speak directly to our hearts. I also think it happens more often than we know; we just don’t always realize it.

I know there are believers out there who are desperately needing to hear from God right now. If that’s you, pray even though it’s hard. Open up your Bible even if you don’t want to. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide your hands and pray to open up to a place in your Bible that tells you exactly what you need to hear. Close your eyes in a silent, private moment and ask the Holy Spirit if He loves you and then listen/watch. Turn on some Christian music and just see if you don’t receive the message you’re needing right now. I’m praying for you in case you just can’t do it for yourself right now; I’ve been there.

I know there are nonbelievers seeking something and I hope if that’s you and you’re reading this, it sparks something inside you that you’ve never felt before and you begin to realize that Christ is the answer to your questions.

I’ll be honest with you- I’m not good at doing Spirit-led tasks. It’s going to be really hard to post this once it’s written and even harder to ask people to read it but I know there have been times God intended to speak to someone through me but I didn’t do what I was asked to do which means someone missed out on a blessing because of me. It’s a terrible feeling and I don’t want to keep living life that way. God is SO good and SO faithful and ALWAYS does His part even when I don’t do mine.

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